Freedom Forgotten

Volume I - Issue I
Major League

Freedom City has had the protection of certain heroes since its early years of founding, but the twentieth century paved the legacy for many heroes still honored today. The most famous of which being the Freedom League. Its seven members (Captain Thunder, Lady Liberty, Dr. Metropolis, Daedelus, Siren, Johnny Rocket, and Raven) have been known to disappear from time to time focusing their efforts on distress calls away from the city. With the exception of Daedelus and Dr. Metropolis, the League was last seen three months ago, and people in the city are beginning to wonder if maybe something has happened to their beloved heroes.

With Daedelus focusing all of his efforts picking up the slack of lesser known teams, he has been unavailable for interview with the press. Our five new heroes gather outside of Freedom Hall. Some looking to join the League, others looking for guidance with new powers. They all find that the Hall is locked and the lobby is empty. Attempts to enter the Hall yield little result aside from alerting the internal security protocols.

As the heroes get to know one another, the Channel 3 Action News van pulls up, and Amy Feng begins a report on the shady group gathered outside. She learns that some of the heroes are up for review for admittance into the League, though they know nothing of the Freedom League’s whereabouts. After a brief interview with the new heroes, the technician leaps out of the van and tells Ms. Feng that a break in has occurred at ASTRO Labs, and that the League has already been reported on the scene.

The van, and the heroes, race to ASTRO Labs to investigate. Once they arrive they see a large hole on the fifth floor of the building, and a man falling quickly towards the ground. Sound Man, and The Electric Eel work together to slow the falling scientists descent. After ensuring that the man is safe they see Captain Thunder fly from the hole in the building, and he’s carrying a large wooden crate. The Captain is followed by Lady Liberty, and Johnny Rocket rushes down the side of the building.

The scientist tells the heroes that the crate contains an experimental transmitter, though he doesn’t know why the League is after it. He shares with them that the three heroes arrived, questioned him, and then launched him out of the building with full intentions of letting him fall to his death. The heroes spring into action.

Sound Man flies after Captain Thunder and Lady Liberty, though he spends more time showing his admiration for the heroes’ past works than trying to stop them. The Electric Eel is quickly knocked unconscious by Johnny Rocket, but Johnny soon finds himself locked in combat with Derdge. Patient Zero runs into the Labs to look for more potential threats.

As The Eel regains consciousness he looses his focus and finds himself overcome with rage. In an aggressive burst of electricity he incapacitates Johnny. The radial blast also takes the life of the scientist that was saved just seconds before. Brushes uses his shape-shifting metallic form to finish off Johnny Rocket. Once Johnny takes his final breath his form distorts to that of a grey skinned humanoid in a slim blue and black armored suit.

Meanwhile, Sound Man finally realizes that Captain Thunder and Lady Liberty wish him harm, and he begins to attack back. He focuses on the crate, and uses his abilities to launch it from The Captain’s grip. The crate crashes to the ground the remaining League members flee.

Back at the Labs, the fight is not over. The Eel, still overcome with rage, attacks Derdge with his whips. It has little effect on the mammoth of a man, and The Eel comes to his senses. The cops arrive on the scene and arrest Derdge and Brushes. The Eel flees the scene while Patient Zero continues to investigate the Labs for more threats.

Sound Man arrives just as the others are being escorted into police cruisers, and the three (Eel, Sound Man, and Derdge) ride to the station for questioning. All are released, but a warrant is put out for The Electric Eel’s arrest. The group meets back outside the Hall, and Brushes returns to the station and clears Eel’s name with the aid of his shape-shifting. The group puts a plan in place to find Daedelus and gain entrance to the Hall in an attempt to find out where the real League might be (since they speculate that the rest of the League have been replaced by impostors just as Johnny Rocket was).

Patient Zero, Sound Man, and Brushes locate Captain Thunder’s wife and question her about her husband’s disappearance while Derdge and The Eel go to the Albright Institute to gain information on Johnny Rocket’s identity thief. Both turn up with little more information than they started, and then focus on finding Daedelus. Sound Man locates the armored League member, and they are granted access to the Hall. Daedelus gives the group the coordinates to the distress signal that the League last answered three months ago, but explains that he’s had little time to construct a new space worthy vessel since he’s been picking up the slack around the city. He gives the heroes a week to prove themselves useful in cleaning up crime so that he can ensure that the city will remain safe if he works on a new ship.

The heroes prove successful in keeping Freedom City clean, though The Eel continues in his usual fashion of causing minor property damage. As the group is about to check up on Daedelus’s progress with the new ship, Sound Man (with his acute hearing) stumbles upon the location of Captain Thunder and Lady Liberty.

The remaining two impostors are on Star Island, a small government launch site off the coast of Freedom City, and they seem to be readying for a launch. The heroes gather on the island and ambush the mock League members. Captain Thunder leads the defense by charging at the heroes. He is quickly taken down by combined efforts of Patient Zero and Brushes after Brushes is launched into his chest in the guise of a metal spear. Lady Liberty is quickly surrounded by the heroes and taken to the ground. She is stripped of her armor and knocked unconscious for later questioning. Just as the heroes think the city is safe, the rocket launches.

The heroes waste no time in stopping the rocket as the engine is weakened by Sound Man, and then disabled by The Eel. Sound Man and Brushes work together to safely land the vessel, where they find makeshift transmitter hidden in its core. Police arrive on the scene, Captain Thunder’s body is collected for the Albright Institute for examination, and Lady Liberty is taken in for interrogation.

Daedelus arrives on the scene and congratulates the heroes on their victory. He says that if the heroes continue with as much success as they have seen lately then they will see themselves operating as members of the Freedom League in no time, assuming the lost League members can be recovered. Amy Feng interviews The Eel on the events, and The Eel reveals that the team will be temporarily operating together under the name of “Plan B”.


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