Greek themed armored scientist of peace


Daniel Daedelus is perhaps the most brilliant scientist of this century. After researching the quick advancement of technology over the twentieth century, namely the nuclear detonation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he decided that he needed to act openly. He spent some time designing a suit of armor and technological weapons which he then began using to fight crime. he particularly targeted criminals who abused science and technology for personal gain. When the Greek god Hades invaded Freedom City in 1960, Daedelus helped a number of heroes fight him off and the inventor-turned-adventurer became a founding member of the reborn Freedom League.

Daedelus worked with the League for 15 years before the endless battles and activities made him question his existence. He decided to leave Earth in a starship of his own design, the Icarus. He explored the galaxy alone for nearly two decades and encountered various alien civilizations and challenges along the way. He returned to Earth in 1994, his faith in humanity’s potential restored partly by seeing what humanity’s offshoots had done among the stars. Daedelus returned to Earth just in time to help against the Terminus Invasion, and he mourned the death of his old friend the Centurion along with the rest of the world. Daedelus and others reformed the Freedom League immediately afterward, and helped rebuild Freedom City in the aftermath.

Some believe the Daedelus who fights alongside the League today is the son of the original from the 1960s, since Daedelus hasn’t aged a day since his first public appearance. He does little to discount the rumor, and the truth of his immortal appearance still remains a secret to the public.

Daedelus is a somber man. He only truly comes alive when confronted with some new and interesting technical problems. Then he borders on obsessive, spending long hours working on his latest project and locking himself in his laboratory. ALthough his fellow Freedom Leaguers (particularly Johnny) have tried to get Daedelus to loosen up and socialize, he’s always been reluctant. People who do engage him in conversation find him both brilliant and cultured. Still, he’s short-tempered and impatient with those he considers his intellectual inferiors, which accounts for nearly everyone.

Daedelus has a deep love of life and he particularly loves and cares for children. he will do anything to keep a child from coming to harm or a family from being destroyed. Because of this, he’s very protective of Johnny Rocket, the youngest member of the Freedom League.

Daedelus believes there are certain things for which humanity is not yet ready. He has researched technology’s progress, and how it has outstriped man’s ability to use it wisely. He truly worries for mankind once again, and sees is as the duty of people like him and the Freedom League to protect humanity from itself as much as from outside threats.

Daedelus is perhaps the greatest inventive genius the human race has ever produced. There are few topics with which Daedelus isn’t at least acquainted.

His powers come from the amazing suit of armor he designed and built himself. layers of nano-circuitry and advanced metallic weaves, the armor can fold up like cloth and fit into a knapsack when deactivated. When Daedelus switches on the suit’s energy field, those layers harden into a surface far stronger than titanium steel. The field mimics the wearer’s musculature, greatly augments his strength, and magnetic repulsion circuitry allows him to fly silently through the air. The suit is equipped with an array of weapons and sensors, with which Daedelus is nearly always tinkering and adapting.

Daedelus is also capable of coming up with new inventions and devices swiftly and using only a few simpler materials. He’ll often whip up things in the midst of battle to help out his teammates against an opponent, from temporary psi-screens to fight off the attacks of Doubting Thomas or devices keyed to an opponent’s weaknesses. Daedelus is never in the forefront of a battle, as he prefers to measure up his opponents, analyze the situation, and remedy it logically. His insights have often given his teammates the edge they needed to overcome their opponents. Despite this measured approach, he always leaps immediately into action when innocents are threatened.

Daniel Daedelus looks like a Mediterranean man in his late 30s, with olive-toned skin, dark curly hair cut short, and a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. His golden armor is brightly polished and sleek, with bulkier areas at the wrists, calves, waist, and shoulders where supplemental equipment is stored. An upright, open triangle (the Greek letter delta) is emblazoned on its chest-plate. He also wears a “Grecian” style helm that completely covers his face and seals off his head from external dangers. The “T-shaped” viewing slit of dark plastic in his helmet provides a sophisticated transceiver link with communications devices within a few hundred miles and, more specifically, his computers back at Freedom Hall.

Daedelus is the supreme tinkerer who comes up with all sort of techno-toys. While many characters could use his inventions, Daedelus tempers his enthusiasm for the possibilities of science and technology with their corresponding responsibilities. He knows how dangerous it can become in the wrong hands, but others often take this cautiousness as an unwillingness to share his discoveries.

Daedelus is also a father figure of sorts, have more experience that anyone on the teams except perhaps Siren; while he trusts her as a teammate, he’s a big edgy around Siren. He is gruff and often difficult to get to know, but he’s also very protective of the people he cares about. He considers himself well suited to police dangerous uses of technology, making him a natural foe of criminal mad scientists and the like.


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