Mysterious brute with the rebellious apathy of the average teenager.


The public knows very little about the monstrous figure that calls himself Derdge. He tends to keep to himself and out of the public eye when not thwarting off thugs and keeping the peace in Freedom City.

He stands at an astounding 15 feet tall, and at a passing glance appears to be identical to the fierce Minotaur from Greek myth. He has large horns curving from atop a bulls head. His snubbed nose is home to a massive golden ring. Jagged spikes jut from his forearms, and his toes and fingers end in sharp razors.

Derdge prefers to take the direct approach to conflict rather than one of diplomacy. If given the option between a brawl or a conversation he can be found hurling civilian vehicles or relying on his great physical strength.


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