Freedom City

“Freedom City is the city of the future, a city of hope for a better tomorrow. Freedom City honors the past but we are about the future. We do not give in to tragedy and loss. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get to work building something even greater and longer-lasting than ever before.

Freedom City started out as a humble place, and we must not forget where we came from. From that small city and the surrounding towns came a new community. We have always sought to create a city of peace and prosperity, a city where anyone would be happy to live and raise a family. We will settle for nothing less.

We cannot forget about the assistance given to us by our nation’s superheroes in helping to achieve those goals. Neither can we forget about the hometown heroes – the police, firefighters, and emergency personnel who came through in our hour of need, those without any special abilities other than their courage and their training. Please join with me in honoring the heroes, and the city of Freedom!"

- Mayor Michael O’Connor

Today, Freedom City is a thriving metropolis of modern buildings and architecture. The city is home ot millions of people and more move into the area each day, drawn by the promise of a new life in a city filled with new jobs and new challenges. Freedom is one of the largest cities in the Unites States and it has a promising future.

True to its name, Freedom is a strongly political city. The mayor is popular and his policies are heralded as visionary, but there are still many conflicts – conflicts between old and new, between longtime residents and new arrivals, and especially between the old bureaucratic establishment and the new city government. There are also geographic and sociological contrasts as well – Downtown is clean and safe, but just across the river in Southside are casinos controlled by the Mob and slum areas plagued with crime and violence. Freedom City is a diverse place, a city of contrasts.

The city is a major center for the media and information industry, home to the giant New Horizon Media Corporation and its major subsidiary GBN, the Global Broadcasting Network. Financial corporations also take advantage of the city’s state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide them with up-to-the-minute information. Freedom is a city on the move.

- Freedom City Timeline -

Vital Statistics

Size: 250 square miles (metro area)
Average Elevation: 94 feet
Climate: Temperate
Population: 3,812,500 (metro area), 2.3 million (civilian workforce)
Racial Background: 53% Caucasian, 20% African American, 18% Latino American, 6.7% Asian American, 0.9% Native American, 1.4% Other
Religious Background: 37% of population regularly attending weekly services, 59% Protestant, 20% Catholic, 9% Jewish, 3% Muslim, 1.5% Buddhist, 1.2% Hindu, 6.3% Other
Leading Protestant Denominations: United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ, Churst of Jesus Christ Later Day Saints (Mormon), Southern Baptist Church
Economics: $41,000 (Average household income), 8.4% (Percentage of households below poverty line, 2% (unemployment in metro area), 6.4% (unemployment total), $125,000 (Average home price), $650-$1,400 (Average monthly rent, two-bedroom apartment)
Politics: 63% (Percentage of population registered to vote), 54.8% (Average voter turnout), 45% (Democrat), 41% (Republican), 8% (Independent), 4% (Libertarian), 1% (Green), 1% (Other)
Mayor: Michael O’Connor Jr.
Tallest Buildings: Pyramid Plaza (90 stories/1,200 feet), Rath & Stromberg Building (55 stories/745 feet), Federal Plaza (50 stories/675 feet), Goodman Building (45 stories/615 feet), GBN Tower (42 stories/571 feet), Eastern Seaboard Bank Building (40 stories/555 feet)

Freedom City

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